Whatever will be, will be.

Tomorrow, October 23rd, will be Day 1 of my last chemo cycle and I couldn’t be more excited and relieved. For over half a year I have dreaded the coming of every other Thursday, but the imminent conclusion of my treatments wants me to fast forward to November 6th.

I have to be honest, I could not complain. Cancer is no laughing matter but truth be told, I had it easy. For one, it is said that Lymphoma is one of the easiest types of cancer to treat. My oncologist even went on to boldly say that it is curable at any stage and that chances of tumor regrowth is slim to none. Now who wouldn’t want to hear that from a health professional who has probably given out more bad news than good. Another upside is that I did not have to go through radiation as previously expected, and that chemo alone would be more than enough. Sure, the side effects of chemo still bugged me but to handle them on top of isolation after radiotherapy would have been impossible for me to take. The people in my life have been nothing but amazing too which made every day through this course bearable. Again, this is no picnic and to have their enthusiasm and positivity rub off on me was the pick-me-upper that I needed during days when I just wanted to turn in and give up the fight. I could ramble on and on about all the bullets that I have dodged but all I want to say is that I have been blessed with a pleasant experience with cancer, if there is such a thing.

In less than a month, my bout will end. My heart’s desire for a new lease on life is within reach and I am filled with joy. With this, I will take as much life lessons as I could from this experience to carry with me. It would be such a shame if I continue to live without being transformed.

While questions of what to do with my time after chemo are piling on in my mind, one thing’s for sure… whatever will be, will be.


6 thoughts on “Whatever will be, will be.

  1. You have a great attitude. Life seems to like to throw us curve balls and it’s up to us to decide whether we step into them or figure a way around (emotionally speaking). No matter how ‘easy’ you’ve had it… i imagine you’ve been throughout (*%*$*+#( . Thanks for such an inspirational blog.


    1. Sending you hugs and kisses, missbevz. It takes a lot to go through this ordeal but I can only imagine how hard it must be for you to see a loved one suffer. You are blessing to your relatives. 🙂


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